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A Plan for Progress
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About the Panelists:


Michael Shull

General Manager, Los Angeles Recreation and Parks Department, CA

City Parks Alliance BOD

Administrator Social Equity Partnership with LA28 Olympics


Shonnda Smith

Director, City of Mobile Parks and Recreation Department, AL

NRPA Congress Program Committees (2017-2020)

NRPA Magazine Advisory Board


Michael McCarty

Executive Director, Glenview Park District, IL

President-elect American Academy of Park and Recreation Administrators

Past Chair - National Revenue Management & Development School Board of Regents

Parks and recreation has never been more relevant and agencies are rising up to unprecedented challenges to provide innovative essential services. It is a critical time to lock arms and help our industry by sharing lessons learned. The current times are challenging but amidst the whirlwind are profound successes and champions that need to be heard.

To share the great work in parks and recreation agencies across America, join PlayCore and GameTime for Good News: In Parks!, a bi-monthly, interactive Zoom show where three leading park and recreation professionals will share best practices across relevant topics that inform their work and the resulting positive impacts on community well-being. 

Hosts Jodie Adams, Parks Director Emeritus and past President NRPA Board of Directors; and Anne-Marie Spencer, PlayCore VP of Marketing and Master Trainer will take guests on an informative journey with robust discussions, audience polls, and special recognition segments.

Disclaimer: The opinions of the speakers in these events do not necessarily reflect the views of PlayCore and its brands.